Monday, 4 November 2013

First Post Of The New Blog

Welcome to the new and hopefully last blog I'll have to start.
Some of you may know me as Bert the Gnome. I've had a couple of previous blogs vanish on me.

The story so far is that how May 2013 the house sold and I bought a sixty foot narrowboat.
Since moving on board, it has been a very steep learning curve. As I've been getting used to life aboard, I've travelled a fair bit. Brum, Warwick, Foxton and down the G.U. and back aefew times. The boat goes in for blacking this coming Friday so I'm heading to Welton Hythe in plenty of time.

Mishaps along the way have included cooking my inverter and flooding the bedroom!
Such is life.

More to follow soon. Updates should be regular as I got me a snazzy new phone today, so now I've got no excuse. 

Until the next time ........

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